Supply of School furniture throughout Mozambique

We truly believe in the power of a good education and capacity building.

Education has been our passion for a number of years having equipped several universities and secondary schools in various African countries.

Tecnitrade is able to offer advice as well as equip your secondary and university level facilities with equipment covering the following educational fields:

  • Vocational and technical training equipment
  • Material testing equipment
  • Meteorological equipment
  • Surveying equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and glassware
  • Analytical equipment
  • School Furniture
  • Machine tools and cnc technology
  • Physics equipment for secondary and university level (mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, electricity, atomic and nuclear physics)
  • Chemistry equipment for secondary and university level (basic, spectroscopy, chromatography, electrophoresis, etc)
  • Biology equipment for secondary and university level (ecology, plant, food, animal)
  • Electronic engineering (telecommunications, mechatronics, control and instrumentation, process control, etc)
  • Engineering education (hydraulics, water treatment, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluids, strength of materials, theory of machines, etc)
  • Kitchen, laundry, refrigeration and fire protection for educational facilities

Recent Projects

Various Schools Throughout Mozambique

Electronic Engineering

Kitchen Equipment

Vocational Training Project

Mechanical Engineering